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Family law matters are never simple. When you seek the counsel of a family law attorney, we understand that you likely have been going through a very difficult time. We are here to help. No matter how difficult or complicated the dispute seems to be, chances are we have handled similar cases hundreds of times.  We are often able to successfully find solutions that ultimately help the families we work with function more effectively in the future.

Since 1992, our firm has been a leader in handling business start-ups and disputes for our clients. Melei Petsche Spencer prides itself in getting to know its clients so it can provide comprehensive and goal-oriented advice and solutions which meet the needs of the client. Communication with the client is paramount. Our family lawyers understand the profound importance of any legal issue concerning your family. When you work with us, we will always treat you with the respect you deserve.

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Is Litigation Your Only Option? You Can Trust Us to Protect You.

In some cases, a settlement agreement is not possible.

Divorce can be complicated. Emotions tend to run high. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Hiring an attorney to help you navigate your divorce can take make a huge difference. When litigation is the only option, you can count on us to protect your rights and interests, and that of any children of the marriage. When it is time to fight, we are well prepared, and will present a strong case to the court. The quality of your divorce lawyer could significantly impact the outcome in a divorce trial. Don’t take chances with this crucial legal matter. Melei Petsche Spencer vigorously and effectively represents its clients. Using our depth of knowledge, experience, and professional skill, we can work together to give you the best possible chance of a favorable case outcome. Over the years, our divorce attorney Alden IL have handled thousands of divorce, child custody, and family law cases. 

Handling The Stress Of Your Divorce

Divorce lawyers are professionals that provide advice, counsel and strategy and performance on your  divorce or child custody case so of course they are invaluable partners when you are going through a divorce in Alden IL. Divorce is one of the most stressful situations – hiring the wrong divorce lawyer can make it even more stressful. You need a divorce lawyer who is reputable, knowledgable, attentive to detail, and is ready to fight for you. Having the wrong divorce attorney can cost you immensely – both financially, and in terms of your personal life.


Melei, Petsche Spencer is a boutique Alden IL divorce law firm located in Crystal Lake IL. We have lawyers that concentrate within our practice exclusively in the areas of family and divorce law, and serve clients in the greater McHenry County area, including Alden IL, and other nearby counties such as Lake, Kane, Cook and DuPage County.

Work With A Family Law Firm That Alden IL Trusts

If we need to be aggressive, we will.  We recommended a course of action, and help you navigate through the divorce process. Our top priority is protecting your rights and your wallet. Our uniquely focused practice and decades of combined experience in all aspects of Alden IL divorce law ensures that we have the skill and capacity to provide the best service for our clients’ needs. From representing high net worth clients going through divorce proceedings, to preparing effective prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. One of our strongest goals is protecting our clients property, assets, and interests upon divorce.


Most people visiting this website feel threatened and frustrated. Divorce is perhaps the most stressful time in a person’s life. The very person you’ve always relied on to be your confidante and support is now your adversary who, not only can’t support you but might even have betrayed you and become a dire opponent. You are now threatened with the injustice that can affect the rest of your life, and you are likely afraid of being taken advantage of.  Our goal is to achieve success, while avoiding needless confrontations. Strategy is critical. Our objective is finding a pathway to getting our clients everything they need in order to move on with their life. This pragmatic approach is why we win, and get our clients amazing results. Our skilled Alden IL divorce lawyers are fully committed to offering each of our clients:

  • Personal attention
  • Prompt responses to individual needs and inquiries
  • Thorough and clearly stated explanations of your options
  • Creative solutions to difficult and complex problems
  • An extensive menu of legal processes, including litigation, negotiation, mediation, and collaborative law


Call an Alden divorce lawyer today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. The Law firm of Melei Petsche Spencer invite you to call day or night at 815-356-8000 or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.

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As a dedicated Alden IL divorce and family law practice, we establish close working relationships with our clients, resulting in strong and effective representation and characterized by humanity, caring, and understanding.  You want to hire a divorce attorney in Alden who will be responsive to your needs because these day-to-day decisions seriously impact your case moving forward. Divorce cases tend to take a long time and many highly conflictual litigants will find themselves waiting over a year before they start seeing a resolution of their matter and if the matter is rather complex, the case can go on for years, depending on whether child custody is an issue, the case load of your judge, and other unanticipated contingencies that may arise.

For over decades years, we have been helping good people in your same situation achieve what they fairly deserved and avoid being taken advantage of. We are a top rated and referred Divorce Attorney from Google, Facebook, Womply, and Avvo. If you find yourself facing divorce or other family law issues, please contact Melei Petsche Spencer to schedule an appointment with an experience Alden IL Divorce Attorney.

We Are Here For Your Alden IL Divorce or Family Related Legal Issues

Melei, Petsche, Spencer is a leading divorce and family law firm that serves the Alden IL area. From highly contested divorces to multifaceted prenuptial agreements, we have a wide range of experience and are constantly achieving new victories on behalf of our clients. Our attorneys are here to help you start the next chapter of your life. If you're in need of assistance for any divorce and/or family related matters call us today!